IV (intra-venous) therapy allow vitamins and minerals to be delivered directly to the blood stream. This method bypasses the digestive system so that any issues with absorption of nutrients can be overcome. It also allows tissues to be saturated with the nutrients they need to heal. 
Potential benefits of IV therapy :
  • increased energy
  • improved mood
  • increased immunity and cold & flu prevention
  • gut healing
  • increased levels of antioxidants
  • improved detoxification
  • hormonal balance
  • weight loss support
Conditions that may benefit (specific formulations and indications offered upon request):
  • Adrenal dysfunciton and chronic stress
  • Parkinsons
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression and anxiety
  • PMS
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Chronic pain and muscle tension
  • Viral respiratory tract infections
  • Migraines
A medical consult ($50) is required before booking an IV to ensure this treatment is indicated for you. Your IV will be custom formulated to fit your ongoing needs.
Cost: $80-170 per treatment + optional add-ons 
Note that there are some risks inherent with any IV therapy that will be discussed in your medical consult.