IV (intra-venous) therapy sends vitamins and minerals directly into the blood stream. This method bypasses the digestive system so that many issues with absorption of nutrients can be overcome.

Research shows that many Canadians do not achieve adequate intake of nutrients from their diet alone. Achieving adequate nutritional status can: 

  • increase energy
  • improve mood
  • improve immunity
  • increase antioxidant status
  • improve liver detoxification pathways and clearance of toxins
  • optimize hormonal and neurotransmitter levels as well as thyroid function
  • help with digestive function

A naturopathic medical consult with Dr. Coombs is required before booking an IV to ensure this treatment is indicated for you. Your IV will be custom formulated to fit your ongoing needs.

Note that there are some risks inherent with any IV therapy that will be discussed in your medical consult. Alternative options such as oral supplementation with specific nutrients, and dietary modification will be discussed as part of informed consent before IV therapy is initiated.


First time? Book a medical consult prior to IV therapy